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New Art Examiner: Point, Line, and Plane: Andrea Zittel’s Spatial Investigation


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Remote Control: Miller ICA Content for Your Couch

Remote Control: Miller ICA Content for Your Couch

Remote Control: Miller ICA Content for Your Couch

These unprecedented times find many of us in remote circumstances, physically distant from our normal lives, in one way or another. We are dealing with significant loss that is tangible, social, and physical. It’s loss that threatens the core of our well-being. We are in a time of crisis. In this moment, artists who are engaged in the act of creating and generating culture are a source of light, life, and renewal. Artists make meaning and their work is an accessible site of connection no matter how distant we are from one another.

As an institute for contemporary art we are dedicated to the production of new ideas and deepening an understanding of contemporary life through a meaningful connection with the art of our time. This Friday, we were supposed to open an exhibition with the graduating Master of Fine Art students from the School of Art. Instead of celebrating this important accomplishment with the next generation of artists coming out of CMU, our facility is closed and the exhibition is postponed until the fall. We are disappointed, but instead of going dark, we are committed to fulfilling our mission remotely. Starting next week, we will be delivering a virtual publication to your inbox that will include new thinking, fresh takes on past projects, and ways to facilitate connection to each other in this moment of physical remoteness.

As this crisis unfolds, we will be facing many situations that we can’t control or change. In the words of Andrea Zittel: "Sometimes if you can't change a situation, you just have to change the way you think about the situation." In these issues of Remote Control, we will look to artists to help us change the way we think.

Wishing you health and safety in these difficult times.

As always,